Elevate Your Sneaker Care with Prior Workshop's Innovative Sneaker Trees

by Taly Tioriori

In the ever-evolving world of sneaker culture maintaining the pristine condition of your favourite kicks has become an art form in itself. One brand that stands out in the realm of sneaker care is PRIOR WORKSHOP. With a steadfast commitment to extending the life of your beloved sneakers PRIOR WORKSHOP has introduced a game-changing accessory: the Sneaker Tree, a product that has taken the sneaker care market by storm.

What is Prior Workshop?

Prior Workshop  established in 2020, is a specialised brand centred around sneaker care. Catering to the passionate sneaker community, the brand offers a range of products aimed at preserving sneakers. These products include gel-padded crease protectors, sole protectors, and sneaker trees, among others. With a deep understanding of the significant sneaker culture Prior Workshop aims to assist sneaker enthusiasts in maintaining and safeguarding their valued footwear collection.

Why are Sneaker Trees Popular?

The popularity of Prior Workshop's Sneaker Trees is far from surprising. Sneaker enthusiasts invest not only in the sneakers themselves but also in the culture, history, and stories behind each pair. Sneaker Trees play a crucial role in extending the lifespan of sneakers while retaining their original allure. Preventing creasing a common issue with well-worn sneakers is a top priority for collectors and enthusiasts. Prior Workshop's Sneaker Trees act as a guardian against unsightly creases, preserving the sneaker's factory-fresh appearance.

How do Sneaker Trees Work?

At the core of Prior Workshop's Sneaker Trees lies an ingenious mechanism that transforms ordinary maintenance into an artful practice. The durable, spring-loaded design ensures that the Sneaker Trees fit snugly into various sneaker sizes, ranging from US6 to US13. This One-Size-Fits-All (OSFA) approach is a testament to Prior Workshop's commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in sneaker care.

When placed inside the sneakers the Sneaker Trees exert gentle pressure that counters the forces responsible for creasing. This method not only minimises existing creases but also actively prevents new ones from forming. The result? Sneakers that look as good as new even after prolonged wear. This innovation is a game-changer for anyone who believes that the stories embedded in their sneakers should be told without the crease marks.

Where can I buy Prior Workshop Sneaker Trees

Prior Workshop's Sneaker Trees are more than just a product; they're an investment in your sneaker passion. For the affordable price of $15 you can elevate your sneaker care routine and keep your collection in pristine condition. These sneaker trees are available for purchase directly through Prior Workshop's official website www.priorworkshop.com or at Prior Store in New Zealand and Australia.