We are currently only onboarding off-site consignors. Please find below the basic Off-site Consignment agreements and sign up.


Off-Site consignment Basic Agreements

By consigning with Prior, you agree to below basic agreements.

  • You only need to ship the item to us once a sale is made.
  • Off-site consignment fee is 13.5%+$15 (plus 3% transaction fee)
  • Use 'ONLINE MARKETPLACE' for both location and option when listing
  • You must ship the item to us with Express label
  • The shipping labels are the responsibility of the seller.
  • Once your item sells, you will receive an email with an address to ship your items to.
  • Please note that you are required to ship the sold items within 2 business days; if not, your order will be cancelled, and you will be billed 15% of the total order value as a penalty fee.
  • You are required to send us the tracking number as soon as it's shipped.
  • If the item fails quality control (QC) or legit check (LC), you are required to ship us a replacement within 12 hours. If failed, your order will be cancelled, and you will be billed a penalty fee of 15%.
  • For our purchasing customers, we allow returns within 5 days of receiving their order. If a return is initiated by the customer, your item will be returned to you, and your payout balance will be deducted accordingly.
  • For off-site consignors with less than 10 items per week sale volume, your payout will be made 7 days after the sale or during the next pay cycle. For example, if your item sells on Wednesday of the first week of the month, your payout will be made on Thursday of the second week of the month. (This is to maintain an efficient marketplace where new sellers abide by the T's and C's and the agreement of Prior consignment.)