Maximise Your Sneaker Sales with Prior: The Biggest Consignment Store in Australia and New Zealand

by Tony Kang

Are you a sneaker head looking to sell your collection or turn your passion for limited edition sneakers into a profitable side hustle? Look no further than Prior, the biggest and fastest growing consignment platform in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

At Prior, you can consign your sneakers and streetwear with ease, and trust that you'll get the best rates and quickest turnover times in the Oceania region. Here's how you can get started.


Australian owned Prior is Australia’s biggest consignment-based marketplace, offering sneaker enthusiasts the opportunity to sell their sneakers for a fair price. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at how you can sell your sneakers with Prior, including the different tiers available and the associated fees, as well as the benefits of selling with Prior.

Prior is a platform that allows resellers to scale up and earn by buying limited release sneakers and selling them on their platform with over 20,000 customers. Their consignment-based model ensures that resellers can sell their sneakers for a fair price while taking advantage of the benefits of selling with Prior. Best of all, Prior's seller fees are very small, so you can turn your sneakers into cash with minimal overhead.

Consigning with Prior

The first step in selling your sneakers with Prior is to firstly, sign up to become a seller on their website It's easy and free, and you'll be joining close to 1000 trusted sellers around the globe. Once you've signed up, you can list your sneakers for sale..

Tiers and Fees

Prior offers three different tiers for sellers: Gamma, Syndicate, Supreme and Royal Tier. Each tier comes with different fees and benefits, so it's important to choose the one that's right for you.

The Gamma tier is the default tier for all new sellers on Prior. The seller fees for this tier are 19% plus a $15 fee per pair of sneakers sold. While this tier doesn't offer any additional benefits, it's a great option for sellers who are just starting out and don't want to commit to a higher tier.

Benefits of Selling with Prior

Aside from the different tiers and associated fees, there are several benefits of selling your sneakers with Prior. These include:

  • Prior is the top platform for selling sneakers in New Zealand and Australia
  • Trusted by close to 1000 sellers around the globe: Prior has a large and growing network of sellers who trust the platform to sell their sneakers.
  • Quickest turnover rate for sneakers & streetwear in New Zealand and Australia: With Prior, you can expect your sneakers to sell quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get paid faster.
  • No hidden fees: Prior is transparent about its fees and charges no hidden costs or fees.
  • Free storage and insurance: When you consign your sneakers with Prior, they are stored securely and insured against damage or loss, giving you peace of mind.
  • Free advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok: Prior promotes your listings through a variety of channels, giving your sneakers maximum exposure to potential buyers.
  • We do the work and you get paid!

As Oceania's biggest sneaker platform, and the best consignment platform for sneaker reselling in the region, Prior is the go-to platform for sneaker resellers looking to sell rare and limited edition sneakers the fastest way possible while allowing resellers to  scale up and earn. 

So why wait?

 Start selling your sneakers on Prior today, and turn your collection into cash - minus our very small fee.