How to legit check Adidas Samba in 60 seconds

by Tony Kang

Do you need to know how to Legit Check Adidas Samba?

In this video we run you through how to confidentially Legit check any Adidas Samba in 60 seconds, covering the following main points.

  1. UV light
  2. Google the numeric barcode on the shoe box
  3. Look for anti-mould sticker in the box
  4. Look for the QC sticker on the box
  5. Stitching on the shoes should be flawless
  6. Both pairs should have unique serial number

 Need in depth version of authenticating your Adidas Samba?

Check below

Box label: Examine the label on the shoebox. Authentic Adidas boxes typically have high-quality printing with clear branding and consistent spacing. Look for any signs of poor printing or misspellings, which are common on counterfeit boxes.

SKU number: Check the SKU number on the shoebox and ensure it matches the SKU number on the inside tag of the shoes. Counterfeiters often get this detail wrong.

Build quality and materials: Authentic Adidas Samba sneakers are made of high-quality materials and exhibit excellent craftsmanship. Pay attention to the overall build, stitching, and glue work. Check for any signs of sloppy construction or cheap materials.

Three Stripes and logo: Look closely at the Adidas Three Stripes on the sides of the shoes. The Three Stripes should be evenly spaced and symmetrical. Check the Adidas logo on the tongue, heel, and insole for proper detailing and positioning.

Tongue tag: Examine the tongue tag, which should have the Adidas trefoil logo and relevant branding. Ensure the stitching and printing are of high quality and not blurry.

Insole and insole printing: The insole should have clear Adidas branding and be of good quality. Check for any discrepancies or unusual fonts.

Sole and outsole: The outsole pattern and texture should be consistent and detailed. The Adidas logo should be present on the outsole, and the sole should have good traction.

Packaging extras: Adidas Samba sneakers usually come with extras such as hangtags. Check the quality and printing of these extras, as counterfeit versions may have noticeable differences.

Size tag: Inside the shoe, there should be a size tag with information like the shoe size, country of manufacture, and a barcode. Check for any discrepancies or unusual fonts.

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