How to legit check the new Adidas Yeezy 350 Carbon Beluga in 60 seconds

by Tony Kang

Do you need to know how to Legit Check Adidas Yeezy 350 Carbon Beluga or any Adidas Yeezy 350?

In this video we run you through how to confidentially Legit check any Adidas Yeezy 350 in 60 seconds, covering the following main points.

  1. UV light test
  2. Google the numeric barcode on the box
  3. Factory lace
  4. Size tag of the shoes
  5. Adidas logo on the gel sole.

 Need in depth version of authenticating your Yeezy 350 Carbon Beluga?

Check below

Box label: Examine the label on the shoebox. Authentic Adidas Yeezy boxes typically have high-quality printing, consistent spacing, and clear branding. Look for any signs of poor printing or misspellings, which are common on counterfeit boxes.

SKU number: Check the SKU number on the shoebox and ensure it matches the SKU number on the inside tag of the shoes. Counterfeiters often get this detail wrong.

Primeknit material: Inspect the Primeknit upper of the shoe. The knitting pattern should be consistent and clean, without any loose threads. The texture and quality of the material should feel premium.

Heel tab: The heel tab on the Yeezy 350 Carbon Beluga should be positioned at a specific angle and should feel sturdy. Counterfeit versions may have a poorly aligned or flimsy heel tab.

Boost sole: The Boost sole on authentic Yeezy 350s is soft, responsive, and has distinct pellet-like structures. Counterfeits may have harder or lower-quality cushioning.

Stitching: Examine the stitching carefully, especially where different materials meet. Authentic Yeezys have neat and even stitching, while fakes may have sloppy or inconsistent stitching.

Insole and insole printing: The insole should have clear Adidas branding and be of good quality. Pay attention to the insole printing, which should be sharp and precise.

Laces and lace tips: Authentic Yeezy laces are typically flat and high-quality, with branded aglets (the plastic tips at the ends of the laces). Counterfeit laces may be round and feel cheap.

Packaging extras: Yeezy shoes come with extras such as hangtags and extra laces. Check the quality and printing of these extras, as counterfeit versions may have noticeable differences.

Size tag: Inside the shoe, there should be a size tag with information like the shoe size, country of manufacture, and a barcode. Check for any discrepancies or unusual fonts.

Remember that the above steps are general guidelines, and the best way to ensure authenticity is to compare the shoes with a genuine pair from an authorized retailer or consult an expert who is well-versed in Yeezy authentication.

Since the authentication methods may change over time, it's a good idea to check for updates from reputable sources or communities specializing in sneaker authentication.

Follow along for more legit checking videos on our sneaker education series and be sure to comment down below what you ant us to Legit Check Next at Prior.